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I am not going to make it this month, financially. I wasn't counting on being screwed over by my (now) ex-boyfriend's dad on a tiling job that I invented purely as a personal favor to him. I will be at least 2 weeks without a shower, and I am forced to make the decision between buying food and paying the professional tile installer in hopes that I will have use of my bathroom again and the project will finally be complete--way off budget, way off schedule, and way off my sense of trust in people. My whole lifetime, without a thought, I have given to the extremes of generosity and tried to save people. I must stop myself from doing that anymore. The exception is saving animals because they can't help themselves.

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No fair! I wouldn't ever suggest you stop falling in love, but maybe you should hold off or give it time or something. Too many fellas who didnt deserve it seemed to steal your heart away. At least you always grow a new heart back.

I am eternally in love and will never stop falling love. But I am going to stop writing checks for $2,200.00 to people that I do not know! $2,199.97, okay, maybe. ;)

I am very elated and relieved to be single again. Lesson learned, and I will take my sweet ol' time for sure.

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